The Carroll Method of 
Food Intolerance 
Identify the Food Groups & Combinations that are incompatible with your body... 
Start Healing NOW!
Dr. Whitney’s 
Food Intolerance Evaluation
Identify Your Inflammatory Food Groups And Prevent Inflammation From Damaging Your Health 
Carroll Method of Food Intolerance 
Start Restoring Your Health
Food Intolerance Evaluation
Identify & Prevent Inflammation 
"TOXINS" are the
#1 threat to your health
INFLAMMATION is the #1 threat to your health
Putting the wrong food in your mouth is one of the major ways we create "toxins" in our body, which leads to "chronic inflammation" and symptoms.

The effects of food incompatibilities that lead to chronic inflammation manifest in several ways.
  •  Skin Conditions
  • ​Chronic Digestive Issues
  • ​Tiredness & Fatigue
  • ​Difficulty Losing Weight
  • ​Migraines & Hormone Imbalance
  • ​Sore & Achy Joins
If you’ve been experiencing any of the unresolved symptoms above - you can safely bet that BAD FOOD CHOICES are largely to blame.
All Roads Lead Back To THE GUT!
You already know that finding and addressing the root cause of your symptoms is key to restoring your health.
You also now know that if you dig deep enough, "toxins" can be found at the root of many of the unresolved symptoms you may be experiencing.
Symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, achy joints, trouble sleeping, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, poor skin quality, and so many more.
Here’s what what most people don’t know -
Some of the food groups you are eating may unknowingly trigger
stressful reactions in your body that ultimately disrupt normal functions. 
Over time, "TOXINS" build up and disrupt your body’s normal function.
Stop the chronic inflammatory cascade caused by poorly digested foods, and  identify the food groups and combinations creating these disruptions in your body NOW.

"Although food is never 100% of the problem - it is part of the problem, 100% of the time."

Dr. Whitney
 The Carroll Method of 
 Food Intolerance
Discover Your Food Intolerances
Dr. Whitney's Food Intolerance Package is your first step in preventing (or healing from) the build-up of "toxins" from poorly digested foods in your diet, and can be done AT ANY AGE - even babies!
A dry sample the size of a dime will 
reveal the specific food groups & 
food combinations that are causing disruption in your body's ability to heal and function at an optimal level.
How It Works
A sample from home. 
Provide Your Sample Using The Mailed Collection Kit
Mail Your Sample Back
Get Your Personal
Food Intolerance Report
You will receive a small collection kit via USPS priority mail. The kit is similar to what you have seen diabetics use to test glucose.
Mail your sample back in the same kit it came in - the postage is prepaid.
Within 2-3 weeks, you will receive your Carroll Method of Food Intolerance Report by email; and you won’t have to make sense of your results on your own. A 1-on-1 review of your results with Dr. Whitney is also included. You can schedule your review via video conference, phone, pre-recorded video or in-person.
What's Included?
 Access to Interactive Health Records ($50 monthly value)
  • Electronic forms
  • Online Food and Mood Journals
  • Private and secure instant messaging
  • HIPPA compliant records and video appointments
 Comprehensive Food Intolerance Report ($175 value)
  • Identifies food group intolerances
  • Identifies food group combination intolerances
 1-on-1 Review and Counseling of your results ($160 value)
  • Up to one hour via tele-health services – phone or video
  • In office reviews can be requested
  • Ample time for Q & A
  • Basic supplement recommendations can be made 
Homeopathic Mineral Assessment ($80 value)
  • 12 mineral combinations that affect the healthy functioning of our organs
 Ongoing Email Support (PRICELESS!!)
  • As long as you have questions I have answers!
 Customized Implementation Resources – simplify your diet changes! 
  • PAID yearly access to customizable food database - starting at 40+ printed pages of foods you CAN have, FREE app for Android or  Apple, and database is updated regularly ($200 yearly value)
  •  Cell Salt Handout(s) - if applicable, based on your Homeopathic Mineral Assessment ($40 value)
  •  Alternative Shopping Lists by Food Group ($80 value)
  •  Applicable Recipes and Cookbook Recommendations ($80 value)
Total Value $865
 The Carroll Method of 
 Food Intolerance
Discover Your Food Intolerances
Retail Price $650
Package $475
Results From Previous Food Intolerance Patients
"She helped me overcome the bloat and lack of energy!"
"I saw what Dr. Whitney had to offer in the way of The Carroll Method of Food Intolerance and other natural homeopathic options, so I made an appointment. I was impressed with her knowledge and options for treatment. She helped me overcome the bloat and lack of energy, by getting to the source of my issue, my food intolerances.

I highly recommend Dr Whitney and her skills to help you achieve better health!" 
Linda S.
"Within two months most of my health issues, that had been plaguing me for years, started to disappear."    
"I’d highly recommend The Carroll Method of Food Intolerance if you find that you have unexplained medical conditions that no medical professional has been able to assist you with.  With some adjustments to my diet and a few supplements to heal the damage to my system, I immediately started to feel better. Within two months most of my health issues (blurry vision, not healing from minor injuries, chronic migraines, fatigue, mouth sores, and leaky gut), that had been plaguing me for years, started to disappear."
Shelby B.
"My heartburn has been gone for months!"
"After suffering reflux and heartburn for two months straight with no relief (after trying a variety of medications), I saw Dr. Whitney. She listened to everything I had to say, answered ALL of my questions, and was really set on figuring out what was causing my issues and not just managing my symptoms.
After completing The Carroll Method of Food Intolerance, and using some other natural things, my heartburn has been gone for months! I would recommend Dr. Whitney to anyone!"
Melissa O.
Have Questions?
Get Answers To Common Questions
Who is Dr. Whitney Cronin?
Dr. Whitney Cronin is a naturopathic doctor dedicated to helping people optimize their health using a holistic and personalized approach. She is a registered N.D. in the state of MN - as WI is not yet licensed. 
How does it work?
You will get a sample collection kit delivered to your home via USPS priority mail. It is similar to the kit you may have seen diabetics use to test their glucose level. Simply mail your sample back in the kit it came in - postage is prepaid.
What recommendations will you make?
Along with your Food Intolerance Report, you will get handouts with recommended resources that will help you adopt your new diet with ease. Some of these resources include cookbooks, recipes, shopping lists, and other customized online resources.
Are my results private?
Your results will never be shared with a third party without written consent from you.

What will my results tell me?
You will get detailed information on the specific food groups & food combinations that are disrupting optimal function in your body. This list is not all-inclusive. It is meant to be used as a guide to help you make better food decisions. 
How long does it take to get my results?
You will receive your results 2-3 weeks after Dr. Whitney receives your mailed sample and confirms it is sufficient for processing.
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